Monday, September 26, 2011

Albuquerque, NM! Part Three.

Luke and Jenny asked us multiple times if we wanted them to get a babysitter, so we could out to dinner or to do something, but we ended up staying at their house and eating at home for most of the weekend. After eating out for pretty much every meal and living in a hotel, it was a really nice change to hang out at "home" and eat delicious home cooked meals. So here's pictures of what we did all weekend:

I love this one not only for Cal's (NEW) chubs and adorable face, but because of Jefferson. He's listening so intently to whatever Jenny was asking him to do.

This is one of Calvin's very favorite things to do: Shout at everyone from the porch. He's so funny, everyone else would be on the sidewalk and in the street, and he was completely content to stand up there yelling at us.

Cutest Cal Cal with (cutest) Uncle Nick!

Jeffer can ride without training wheels!!

I love this action shot.

Worked up a sweat on that two-wheeled ride.

This one's so cute.. Jefferson is having a giggle-fest after him and Nick's wrestle, Nick is tired from rolling around with him, and Gwen is concerned as to why she wasn't in charge of this activity.

Okay here is the play by play...

Cal very content with his blue balloon.

Jefferson trying to figure out how he can get that blue balloon from Cal.

Well swiping it didn't go over so well..

But replacing it did!

Alright i'm wrapping up this very long ABQ post with a photoshoot done by Gwenyth M. Graham herself. (When she took Jenny's photo she said, "say Chalula!") Thank's SOO much Luke, Jenny, Gwen, Jefferson, and Cal, for having us and making us feel at home! It was seriously awesome to get to stay with you guys all weekend, we LOVE you!

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